About Us

The 90s Kid is founded in July 2017 by Trang Doan – a Vietnamese born living in Montreal. Its aim is to help the founder express her thoughts and experiences through her passion for photography and motivate people along the way.

Inspired by her ex and now best friend, Trang went on and developed a huge interest in photography, arts and music. She loves recording her life experiences, expressing her perspectives and saving special memories through photos, videos and moving words. Besides her Food, Lifestyle & Travel blog, Trang is also a contributing writer at Tingly Mind, a London-based online publication by Ellen Nguyen.

Trang is definitely a big fan of travelling, road trips and adventures. She would spend her free time wandering around town for a couple of photos and indulging in the feeling of finding herself, organising her thoughts and celebrating her freedom.

Trang is now living and studying in Montreal with a growing number of books, several photos and her own faith.